Best Hair Loss Treatment Clinic Essex, UK

Revive is a doctor led clinic specialising in hair transplants and anti-ageing treatments. Its led by Dr Pragyan Sahu, who is trained as a GP and hair transplant surgeon. The clinic also offers trichology and dermatology consultations. We endeavour to be a specialist hair and skin hub, so all your skin and hair concerns can be addressed under one roof. Our priority is safely delivering optimum results to you. What you will find here is a personalised and tailored approach from all our team members, all of who aim to make your journey with us, as smooth and relaxing as possible. Every member of the team is passionate about helping our patients, look and feel better. Treatments are carried out in a safe and comfortable clinical setting. We offer free, no-obligation consultations for most of our procedures. You will never feel rushed and will be adequately counselled about the treatments, given ample time to address all your queries, resulting in a bespoke treatment plan.


Dr Pragyan Sahu (MBBS, MRCGP) is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Founder of the clinic. Dr. Sahu completed medical school in India, before moving to the UK to train in various specialties including dermatology, A&E, Intensive care, breast & general surgery and completing General Practice training in 2011. Dr. Sahu underwent hair transplant training in India, and followed up with practical experience in a London hair clinic, before opening Revive Hair & Skin Clinic in Brentwood, Essex.
On a personal front, she enjoys motherhood raising her 2 boys.

She is able to strike a cord with her patients and tries seeing beyond the physical concerns they present with. Dr Pragyan doesn’t believe in ‘One size fits all’ and believes every person is unique, hence needs a bespoke treatment plan. She strives hard to make sure she is able to safely deliver the best results possible in a safe and comfortable environment.

Dedicated to updating her knowledge and skills, she regularly attends relevant trainings and conferences, both national and international.


1. You will always get to see the same doctor, Dr Pragyan Sahu (for all doctor led treatments)
2. Your care will be delivered in privacy, in a safe and clean environment.
3. You’ll be treated with compassions, respect & dignity
4. Under no circumstances will you feel pressurised to have any treatment.
5. We may refuse a particular treatment, if we feel it might not be in your best interest.
6. You will never feel rushed during your consultations or hair loss treatments.
7. We will discuss in length all the treatment options relevant to your concerns, including the option of not to treat, so you are in a position to make an informed choice.
8. Following any treatment, you will be able to contact Dr Pragyan on her personal number for advice if needed.